Valle dei Mòcheni (Mt. 1090)

Valle dei Mòcheni - Bersntol - Fersental

The traditionally connected, authentic and uninhabited Fersental is one of the southernmost German language islands at all. It was settled in the 14th century by farmers and workers from Tyrol and South Tyrol. The ancient, ancient Bavarian dialect language, the Bersntoleric, one of 52 minority languages ​​in Europe, has been unchanged for over 700 years and is still spoken by about 800 inhabitants in the valley . Here the past is valued, the present and the future are never left out of sight - a successful interplay between historical consciousness and modernity arises.
Let yourself be enchanted by "La valle incantata - the enchanting valley", as Robert Musil, the Austrian writer in his novella "Grigia" called it . A trip to one of the most pristine valleys of Trentino...

Direkt near of the chalet with Roveda and Kamaovrunt

A worthwhile excursion is the old water mill, Mil in Oachlait / Roveda, which is about fifteen minutes' walk from the chalet Tòttn. Immerse yourself in the once daily working life of the people in the Mòcheno valley. Guided tours take place in the summer after registration at the local tourist office on Saturdays and Sundays between 3.30 pm and 5.30 pm. The Vridlbach and Rigolorbach flow together at the Mil / water mill. You can also visit the waterfall, a few meters from the water mill, and on the way back you will find the old town center of Oachlait / Roveda, dating back to the 14th century and the small church.

In the two-kilometer distant pituresque village of Kamaovrunt, you can admire the incredible mountain panorama of the Ortler, the Brentadolomites, the Adamello group, the Monte Bondone, the Lagorai mountains, the historic villages of the town and enjoy the hearty, traditional Mòcheno valley cuisine. Worth a visit is a visit to the wooden sculptures at the rifugio Van Spitz, which are the result of an international wood sculpture symposium from August 2015.

To eat and drink
Two charming mountain inns in Kamaovrunt / Kamauz: 2 km as well as two farmed alpine huts and a mining farm. All companies mainly process products from the Mòcheno valley.
In the evening, you can also enjoy mushrooms, berries or chestnuts prepared on our original wood-burning stove, which grow according to the season in the surrounding woods; a true delicacy. In certain months you will find free-growing spices such as oregano, thyme, rosemary and sage within a few meters of the hut.

Next bus stop
In Oachlait / Roveda about 500 meters from the chalet.

Next pharmacy and doctor
In Pergine Valsugana: 12 Km from the chalet.


How to arrive at the chalet and in valley


Further areas in Valle dei Mocheni

The main valley of the Mòcheno vallez offers numerous excursion and hiking possibilities, such as at Palai/ Palù del Fersina, the historical Filzerhof in Vlarotz / Fierozzo, which offers an insight into the rural life of the past, as well as the Gruab van Hardimbl chasing "Gruab van Hardimbl" above Palai/ Palù del Fersina. Palù del Fersina, which is 12 kilometers from the chalet Tòttn, is the ideal starting point for numerous charming panorama hikes to the untouched Lagorai mountains. In Mala, 10 km from the chalet, there is the "Pietraviva" museum, which offers workshops and many initiatives for children to see the culture and learn about the nature of Mòcheno valley.