Valle dei Mòcheni (Mt. 1090)




Dear holiday guests, 

unfortunately, the pandemic unpleasantly surprised both you and us. Actually is valid a decree of the Italian Prime Minister (Presidenza del Consiglio), which also excludes tourist stays in our holiday property until June 3, 2020, the date of opening of the border from abroad to Italy. 
If an explicit travel warning from your Foreign Office is still available at the start of your rental, i.e. the impossibility of an arrival, and an extended decree (DPCM dell`08.03.2020 e 09.03.2020, 17.05.2020) at the start of your rental from the Italian Prime Minister or the President of the Province of Trento, we grant a free cancellation of your booking and the reimbursement of the deposit you have made in accordance with Article 1463, Codice Civile della Repubblica Italiana. 

According to our general terms and conditions, we are generally not obliged to do so, since the customer and the landlord do not conclude a travel contract within the meaning of §§ 651 a ff BGB (analogous to the Codice Civile della Repubblica Italiana) but a rental contract. There is therefore no statutory right of withdrawal. The contractually owed rental price is payable in full.

However, if you want to support us in this difficult situation for us; we do not expect any help from the Italian state, you can change your booking to a new date in 2020 or in 2021 free of charge at the current seasonal price -> travel voucher.

Due to the pandemic, we will follow the exact instructions of the Autonomous Province of Trento (Reg. delib. 689 del 22.05.2020) for cleaning and disinfecting holiday homes without any ifs and buts. This is of particular concern to us.
On arrival and departure we would like to ask you to wear protective masks when handing over the house and to keep the safety distance prescribed by the authorities. We will of course also follow this on our part. 
Especially in times of "social distancing" there is hardly a more ideal place to stay due to the secluded location of our hut.

We will keep the information regarding the existing restrictions up to date so that we can provide you with transparent decision-making aids.

Unfortunately, neither you nor we chose this situation - we hope that we can welcome you to our hut as agreed when you travel.

Maso Ferienhütte Tòttn

Trento / Frassilongo - Fam. Heid 




Short glossary on holidays in Trentino in times of the pandemic, according to the Autonomous Province of Trento

* Guests must have been free of fever and symptoms for the last 14 days on the day of arrival. 

   If this is not the case, this must be reported to us in advance.

* Max. 5 people live exclusively from the same family community.

* The distance requirement in public space between people is generally at least 1 meter.

* The obligation to carry a mouth / nose protector exists in the entire public space.

* 17.08.20: Obligation to carry a mouth / nose protector in frequented pubblic spaces from 18.00 until 6.00.

* Hand disinfection from donors available everywhere in all areas and institutions is mandatory.


Protocol of the Autonomous Province of Trento for the rental of holiday homes and apartments


In the following protocol of the Autonomous Province of Trento, which was passed on May 21st, 2020 by the provincial parliament, you can see all measures that we have to follow to rent the cottage. The protocol is only available in Italian language.